New Vehicle Program

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Our Lease Program is designed to allow our staff to provide clients all the professional services utilized by large corporations with fleet management departments. We provide our clients a full array of tools that efficiently provide these services on a scaled down basis.

GT Leasing clients have access to an entire range of manufacturer fleet pricing on all makes and models of cars and trucks, eliminating all of the headaches and hassles that plague the retail dealership atmosphere. During our company’s 57 year history, we have cultivated relationships with the vehicle manufacturers coupled with an extensive network of fleet-oriented dealers.

This gives our customers the lowest fleet pricing and manufacturer programs available along with the convenience that comes with a wide range of dealership inventory.

Our account managers, all certified by The National Vehicle Leasing Association, provide our clients unbiased information regarding all models of cars and trucks to help in the selection of the vehicle that best fits specifications and budget. We provide all the necessary data to compare any make or model’s MSRP, dealer cost, option prices, warranties, standard equipment, safety items, service bulletins, even mechanical specs and dimensions. We do not try to sell a particular vehicle. Rather, we want our clients to have all of the necessary information to select the right vehicle. Our personnel then go to work to find you the best possible acquisition price through our dealer network..


After you select and we find the vehicle GT Leasing provides a variety of leases to actually design the lease around your needs. We explain the variety of options and help you make the best choice for your business situation. We are keenly aware of commercial clients and their needs for flexible mileage, wear & tear requirements and options to purchase and can weave these options into each vehicle agreement.

GT Leasing has been serving clients since 1955 and our fleet manager’s average 20+ years tenure with GT. At the end of each lease we develop the most efficient disposal plan that best fits the type of vehicle, year, make, and condition. We have all the contacts to get the best return on the asset. Efficient disposal is just as important as the purchase price in the efficiency of your fleet. Our staff’s goal is to be your professional fleet manager.