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Founded in 1955, GT Leasing is one of the oldest commercial leasing companies in the country. With our 60 plus years of experience, we are skilled at fulfilling the automotive leasing needs for your business.

We provide unbiased information to clients who hate shopping at the dealership. No trip to the dealership required–we’ll find both the vehicle and a tailored lease plan. Simply put, we do all of the work for all makes and models. Remember, we’ve been doing this for well over half a century.


What are the advantages to leasing instead of purchasing? What are the different types of leasing plans?

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In addition to leasing, we have low-mileage off-lease vehicles at great prices, prices well below those you’ll find at the dealerships, for sale or lease. We have everything from fuel-efficient vehicles to heavy-duty trucks.

Interested? Create your own vehicle profile for a free quote, which includes detailed information about any vehicle’s specifications, such as standard equipment, pricing, option pricing, and safety items.

Need an unbiased answer about leasing or simply some information about a particular vehicle?

As an independent leasing company, we are not pre-disposed to a particular manufacturer, and it is our desire to find the vehicle that best fits your needs.

Member: National Vehicle Leasing Association